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(phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. it was a tragedy that traumatized the bay area. 34 years ago today, san mateo congressmao ryan and 900 members of the people's temple died in jonestown, guy good evening. it was a trapblg dethat traumatized the bay area, 34 years ago today congressman leo ryan and 900 members of the people's temple died. we have more on the anger that family members feel about the death but the memorial built to honor them. [singing] >> reporter: this memorial service started with the covering of a memorial in this
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cemetery, something this family calls the plaque of shame. >> it is horrific. we lived that tragedy. my family, many people never got over it. never we have to see the insult. >> reporter: because among the names of the 1,000 people who died in jonestown in 1978 is that of the man deemed responsible, jim jones, who ran this colony. many of his followers were from the bay area, 27 were family phepl bers of wynona >> - - members of wynona. >> he comes to a grand scheme. they believe today it. >> reporter: 34 years ago jones started a mass suicide known as a mass murder. they lost eight family members. >> they followed their parents thinking all of their dreams will come to pass in this paradise in the middle of the
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youngel somehow. so, i am big on pushing people and myself and my children to strive for your dreams. >> reporter: the family is in the middle of a legal fight trying to build a new memorial to try to replace this one. hoping to have it done by the 35th anniversary next year. [singing] the crowd at this memorial has been dwindling. today, only a dozen people came to pay respect. >> most of us were not born at that time. it is important we don't repeat this. no let up in iraq and the attacks between israel and hamas in gaza today. in gaza city, israeli missile ripped through a home, killing at least 11 civilians, including four children. and palestinian rocket hit a building in southern israel injuring several people. president barack obama said that he has been in touch with
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various leaders in the region. >> we are actively working with all of the parties in the region to see if we can end those missiles being fired. without furtheres coalition of violence in the region. >> mr. barack obama add if the violence continues it will be hardtory get back to the two state solution. the police are looking for suspects in the city's 2nd murder this year. a man in his 40s was shot to death last night in the 300 block of icy drive as he sat in the car with a woman of the police say the suspect's took her purse and ran in separate directions. and the second homicide since june. the authorities are trying to identify a body pulled from the waters in san francisco bay. the u.s. coast guard found the body of a man near fort baker
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at 8:00 this morning and trying to see if his description matches any missing person's reports in the area. checking some bay area headlines. another big step tomorrow for the warriors plans to build a 17,000 seat arena on the sap fran waterfront. in today's chronicle, two powerful labor unions are expected to join forces and urge the board of supervisors to approve the deal. it will create thousands of construction jobs. chevron will update the repairs to its refinery tomorrow. tell meet before the bay area management board. they have been shutdown since an explosion and fire in august that sent 15,000 neighboring residents to the hospital. and registered nurses at 8 bay area hospitals plan another strike this week. the workers are upset with the corporations plans to reduce
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benefits. the walk out is set for this tuesday and wednesday. l tonight, the police identified a gun man who killed an officer. theyor the look for another suspect and asking for help. the series of crimes that he is wanted for, don? >> reporter: that series of crimes played out here in sap jose in 1 1/2 hours. and in this parking lot at the 7/11 store. you can see over my shoulder the memorial there. a driver here attempted to hijack the driver, they were not successful but the driver is dead. the police say the chase and arrest of this map ended a friday crime spree that included four armed robberies, homicide, and the attempted murder of two police officers. 26-year-old willbanks was captured after a shootout that wounded one of the officers at a high-speed chase that ended in a crash. after which he fled on food. it was an old fashioned
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shootout. >> the officer was forced to duck down. there were rounds in the officer's front seat, side window, one of the rounds shot his canister and exploded that now the car is covered in pepper spray. >> reporter: in this 7/11, he and another man, still at large, shot and killed a man while attempting a carjacking. shocking neighbors. >> at 9:00 i heard not continuous gunshots but maybe a little one after another with time. >> saw the victim's father up in the front. and he was still in shock after finding out his son had been shot in front of the 7/11. >> reporter: they spotted the suspect's car, another officer was wounded but continued in the chase. residents of the neighborhood near the airport watched the
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ending unfold after he fled on food. >> watching everyone running around with guns. i was scared. crying under my bed. >> perhaps because the police officer was involved the san jose mother and fathers association is offering a $10,000 reward for information from the public heeding to the arrest of the second suspect who, right now, still at large. >> thank you very much. well, a reunion in the south bay fit for the holidays. mother and her sop, together, for the first time in 6 decades. kraoebs 5 reporter how they shared the story today. >> i am just thankful. >> at mission harvest in san jose, they near celebration of thanksgiving with four special guests. >> i wanted them to have hope after what has happen inside my life. >> a story too good to be true. getting tears from the
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audience. >> again, scared. having my first baby. and -- >> how old? >> i was 23 years old. >> that was 63 years ago in iowa. she was pregnant and had to give up her baby boy. she kept it a secret until a discussion about babies earlier this year made her confess to her daughter. somewhere out there was a son. >> she said, mom, you want to see him? i said yeah, of course i want to see him. i waited all of this time. >> reporter: after an internet search they found him and sent him a certified letter telling them they wanted to meet him. but he did not believe the letters at first. >> i read a few lines. and she said i'm your mother. and i was overwhelmed. >> reporter: they started talking on the phone, sometimes for three to four hours, finally, she asked for pictures. >> i told mom, i can do one better. i am coming out to see you. >> standing next to each other in line with a full
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thanksgiving spread that are both new friends with an old bond. >> the best thanksgiving ever, that i ever had. >> me, too, yeah. me too. >> after 63 years and 2,130 miles this is their first -- this is their first thanksgiving in this church but hopefully not their last, back to you. our cravings for empty calories may not be neglected afterall. how the ho-hos may live on. and facebook, plays santa to neighbors and workers. what the company will do next week to bring holiday smiles to people on end off of the campus ,,,,,,,,,,
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ]
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♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] and internet the last week,t junk food junkies, take hea. there's the demise of twinkie, and and dingdongs are all over the news but there is new hope for ho-hos. their maker will be in bankruptcy to begin the process of selling off the assets but with $2.5 billion a year there is a good chance someone will
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buy at least a piece of them and carry on the brand. and burling game based virgin america is backing off of their expansion plans. they are reducing the orders of airline bus from 30 to 10. last month virgin america announced it was reducing the flight schedule in the first quarter of next year. the company is offering employees voluntary short term leave. facebook is looking to be a good neighbor through a new program called facebucks. after thanksgiving the social networking company plans to distribute $25 gift cards to employees to use at merchants in downtown. they sign today with the city in exchange of hiring more workers. >> definitely. and, even just getting the word out from their employees they brought in from other locations to get out in the park and see what there is within the area that facebook is involved in.
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>> reporter: the businesses are responding well. well, very special honor at the white house tomorrow for an east bay youth program. arts and humanity award from first lady, michelle obama. youth radio teaches them about important issues in society. hope for the holidays. what an astronaut did today that has never been done before by a woman. >> we have more rain in the forecast. good evening. i will pinpoint the day to expect the raindrops as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system,
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she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente.
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back home tonight after four months in orbit. sunita williams handed over the cod of the international space station before undocking in back home after four months in orbit. williams handed over the command of the space station before undocking in their spacecraft. williams returns home as the record holder for the most people spent in space by a woman. just in time for the holidays. keeping our eyes on another celebration of the holidays. >> today was the tree lighting ceremony at pier 39. it happened just moments ago. if you mistoday it we have it for you as you head out. and the tree is a glow with all of the christmas lights. wow! the countdown just happened minutes ago. pier 39. if you want to see this spectacular tree and all of its decorations, it will be there lit up in all of its glory
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until january 6th. what a pleasant evening. you see the flags there, a slight breeze. the city of san francisco under a mostly cloudy sky. high today of 62. it is spot on for this time of the year. currently 58 degrees in the city by the bay. it is 59 in san jose after realizing a high today of 63. that was about 3 degrees cooler than on saturday. percentage of normal stats, i wanted to get you up to parhere. 100% par here. 100% normal. livermore 63%. that is percent. now, a little cooler in sanoma. right around 42. otherwise, 52 degrees the outside number in san francisco. midel 40s will be common around the valley. this is an area of low pressure, pretty impressive. dumped half an inch of rain. uniform across the bay area last night and overnight. now its wake we have unsettled air mass. could see sprinkles overnight.
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far reaches of the north bay, north of the santa rosa area. that is about it. and then you start to see on tuesday, the leading edge of yet another system that will hang out most of the day, far north bay before slides into the southerly direction. we will get wet by tuesday night and spotty showers, on again, off again, for that big get away day on wednesday. so, for your san francisco 49ers game cloud cover playing host to the change bears, game time temperatures, 63 degrees, tumbling into the 50s. these numbers tomorrow. 62 at the coast, 66 mountain view, these numbers are all put together. winds are nat under 5 miles an hour. 65 in nap a. around the bay in the low 60s and also low 60s at the bay. here is the extended forecast. cloudo tuesday, then, the rain develops, spotty showers on wednesday. turkey day will be under partly cloudy skies, that is your
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forecast, dennis, what's up? >> well, good some of it rub off on the raiders? we are next ,,,,,,,,
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,, well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button.
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had given up before the sais came marchin' in today.. interim coach joe vitt has turned new orleans around ar mid first 98 points in two games, that is what raider be given up before the saints came marching in. after the turnaround, it starts with drew breeze, a wide open gram who tkufrpgs across for 7-
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0. the top pass, later in the 3rd. brandon meyers, kicked off by malcolm. he is going to tight rope the sidelines, 55 yards for a score, 14-0 for the saints. they were not all his fault. watch the second and meyers, should be a touchdown. going in his hands, could be a safety. these are the mistakes that will lose 3 games in a row. they would a tone, however. he does a great job keeping the play alive. he fires this, threads the needle to meyers. the raiders cut the saints to the lead, we have a football game. but, want a momentum killer? here you go. down, 13, breeze, wide open moore. he found the end zone twice. i can not figure out how he got that wide open on 3rd down and 13th play. down, after 75 yard kick off
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return. mark picks up a huge block and he is gone. 27 yards, saints win 38-17. oakland now out one 135 points in the last three games. >> it is disappointing the guys put their heart and soul into it and did not get the results. and, and that is the challenge that we face. and we got -- it is going to turn. and it is going to turn for the positive for us. but, we have to keep working. >> better heur flee now comes the marquise monday night match up between the chicago bears and the 49ers. and defense, stop receiver, marshall and you stop the bears. >> brandon marshall is a weapon in their offense that they have thrown him in double coverage, sometimes triple coverage to make sure he is an element in that over fence, do you see that? >> yes. throw it in. sometimes they throw it up. allow him to go up and make a play. he trusts him. they, they are back together.
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he is playing at, you know, a high-level. i think this is the best that marshall has played in his career. you know the ball is going to 15. we have to know where he is all of the time. >> we have the match up here. coverage bigins at 5:00. right after with full locker room reaction. after stanford knocks off bcs. 17-14 in overtime last night. the college football world was turned upside down. the cardinal win was not the only shocker. number one, kansas state. blown out by baylor. what does it all mean? >> you can have notre dame and fighting for the national championship. the irish are followed by the trio of the fcc teams, dropping down out to 85. stanford checks in at number 8. the cardinal. now, against ucla for the conference championship. nascar season finale in south florida, the 2 car was the leader in the race the number
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48, johnson, was the only guy who could catch him. but jj had to pit, the gear was burning, could not fix it. and they hand the championship over. jeff gordon won the race. that was good enough to win the sprint cup title for the first time in his career. johnson was prevented from winning what would have been his 6th title. >> 4th quarter, down by 10. lee, now, give me the screen. they were within 7 points with 6 minutes left. he shot 52%. they made 13 three balls tonight. he had 25. and russell westbrook had 30 to go with 6 assists. this one, for the alley-oop. he had 16. the warriors lose 119 to 109. they drop to 5-5 on the year. game day tonight. what do michael jackson, frank
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sinatra and steve mcqueen have in common? only one man can tell the story tonight on "game day". >> we can not google that and find the answer? >> we have to tune in. >> you try googling it you will not find it. [ laughter ] >> thank you. all right, a lot of people in the bay area, who have retrofitted their homes against earthquakes, may be living with a false sense of security. tonight at 11:00, we are shown the serious problems with a large number of retrofits and why the solution to the problems is still years away. i remember we saw the tree lighting over at pier 39 and the rain is going to hold off for most of the travelers this week, right? >> l we will start to see it in the north bay tuesday late afternoon, evening hours, we will have the rain in the overnight hours on tuesday. anticipate airport delays as a result. especially arriving flights at sfo. >> all right. we will keep tuning in all
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weeklong. >> you must, a changing weather picture. every minute it changes. [ laughter ] >>and she is on top of it all. that is it for us. "60 minutes" is next. plus, tonight ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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